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Supervision Academy

The Pennsylvania ASCD Supervision Academy targets educators who have an interest in promoting teacher growth through the supervisory process. The program is very beneficial for building administrators, central office administrators, teacher leaders and anyone contemplating an administrative position. Participants will unpack beliefs and assumptions about supervision and evaluation, discuss the essential ingredients that must be present to foster a climate of inquiry, practice using classroom observational tools, analyze data to improve instruction, understand and apply supervisory practices when dealing with novice teachers, seasoned teachers and marginal teachers, and discuss evaluation practices and implementation. 

The PASCD Supervision Academy is PDE PIL approved for Act 45 credit. Participants will receive forty (40) Act 45 or Act 48 hours.

Target Audience:

The Supervision Academy is designed for administrators and teacher leaders who are responsible for the observation, supervision, and evaluation of educators.

Program Topics:

  • Distinction between supervision and evaluation
  • Use of observational tools for supervision and evaluation
  • Verbal and non-verbal data collection tools
  • Use and purpose of the data collection to guide student learning
  • Data analysis and data driven decision making to guide classroom instruction and student achievement
  • Reflective conferencing procedures and techniques
  • Evaluation for both summative and formative purposes
  • Exploring an exemplary supervision/evaluation model


Day 1:  7 Hours

  • Difference between supervision and evaluation
  • Change process
  • Judgments, inferences, and observations
  • Organization climate and access
  • Classroom observation strategies - verbal flow and selective verbatim

Day 2:  7 Hours

  • Discussion of verbal flow and selective verbatim practice
  • Non-verbal data collection strategies and techniques
  • Introduction of evaluation for summative and formative purposes
  • Introduction to differentiated supervision practice
  • Working with the marginal teacher - supervision and evaluation

Day 3:  7 Hours

  • Discussion and review of both verbal and non-verbal data collection
  • Strategies for conducting reflective and direct teacher conferences
  • The process for creating a Differentiated Supervision Model

Upcoming Academy Dates:  
  • Check our event registration page (on our home page) for upcoming dates.

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