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PASCD Strategic PLAN


Inspire educators to lead, learn, and advocate.


Pennsylvania ASCD is the comprehensive provider of personalized learning for educators. We create tomorrow’s leaders and advocate for the Whole Child.


We believe:

    • All children are capable of achieving success.

    • All children must have equitable access to a quality education

    • Curriculum, instruction, and assessment must meet the needs of the Whole Child.

    • Shared decisions about student learning and program effectiveness must be based on information from a variety of data sources and diverse assessments.

    • Educators must be empowered contributors and leaders who shape and influence educational practices, policies, and decisions.

    • Curriculum development, supervision, evaluation, teaching, and learning must be dynamic and interdependent.

    • Personalized professional growth is essential to all educators.

    • Educational accomplishments shall be identified, shared, and celebrated.

    Mission, Vision and Beliefs approved June 23, 2018

    Goals, Objectives, and Action Plans

    Goal 1: Increase the leadership capacity of the members to strengthen the affiliate.

    Objective 1A: Increase total membership in PASCD to 1375 by October 1, 2021  (A 10% increase over 10/1/17 baseline of 1248 members)

    Action Step 1A.1: Determine membership trends over the past six years.

    Action Step 1A.2: Design and implement new ways of engaging members from a life cycle perspective based on data collected in Action Step A1.

    Action Step 1A.3: Survey members about their experiences base upon the life cycle perspective developed and implemented in Action Step A2. Adjust membership engagement activities and recommendations to regional boards to reflect results of survey.

    Action Step 1A.4: Recommend changes to membership recruitment/retainment based upon survey results/regional board input.

    Objective 1B: Redesign the Emerging Leaders Program

    Action Step 1B.1: Evaluate the mission, scope and activities of the Emerging Leaders program through document and plan review, survey of current and previous emerging leaders, and regional board leadership teams.

    Action Step 1B.2: Recommend changes, adjustments, deletions, additions to Emerging Leader program brought to Executive board for review and approval.

    Action Step 1B.3: Implement new Emerging Leaders Program that dovetails with lifecycle approach to membership determined in A4.

    Goal 2: Provide quality personalized professional learning programs.

    Objective 2A: Develop six synchronous/asynchronous personal learning opportunities in the next three years.

    Action Step 2A.1: Determine criteria for a good personalized learning experience.

    Action Step 2A.2: Contact Pennsylvania ASCD members who have already provided personalized learning opportunities.

    Action Step 2A.3: Provide a platform for learning opportunities.

    Action Step 2A.4: Commit to 2 programs provided free with membership.

    Objective 2B: Review the quality of programs.

    Action Step 2B.1: Using rubrics, determine the quality of the program being offered.

    Action Step 2B.2: Publish and market two programs for membership use

    Action Step 2B.3: Repeat cycle for two additional courses by Fall 2019

    Objective 2C: Create a cycle of review for current professional learning opportunities.

    Action Step 2C.1: Create a cycle of review for current professional development opportunities.

    Goal 3: Advocate for policies and practices the support the mission of the affiliate.

    Objective 3A: Create and share a communication plan that supports the mission of PASCD by November 2019.

    Action Step 3A.1: Evaluate communication methods used by other professional organizations.

    Action Step 3A.2: Investigate the need for a communications consultant to assist the organization with guidance and expertise.

    Action Step 3A.3: Establish the focus of a communication plan.

    Action Step 3A.4: Determine committee members to develop the communication plan

    Action Step 3A.5: Develop the communication plan.

    Action Step 3A.6: Share the communication plan.

    Action Step 3A.7: Implement the communication plan

    Action Step 3A.8: Evaluate and revise the communication plan.

    Objective 3B: Review, revise, and recommend new PASCD Position Statements to the Board by June 2019.

    Action Step 3B.1: Review current position statements of PASCD and ASCD.

    Action Step 3B.2: Review ASCD historical position statements.

    Action Step 3B.3: Recommend revisions to current PASCD position statements to PASCD Board.

    Action Step 3B.4: Recommend NEW position statements to the PASCD Board.

    Action Step 3B.5: Present/share position statements with general membership.

    Action Step 3B.6: Publish/communicate position statements.

    Strategic Plan Approved by General Membership: November 20, 2018

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