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PASCD Strategic PLAN


Educators impacting teaching and learning through leadership.


We believe:

    • All learners must have equal access to a quality education.
    • Curriculum, instruction, and assessment must meet the needs of all learners.
    • Decisions about student learning and program effectiveness must be based on information from a variety of data sources and diverse assessments.
    • Educators must seize leadership roles that shape and influence educational practices, policies, and decisions.
    • Teaching and learning are to be supported through the integration of information tools and technologies.
    • The processes of curriculum development, supervision, teaching, and learning are dynamic and interdependent.
    • Professional development is essential to all educators.
    • Educational accomplishments shall be identified, shared, and celebrated. 

Goals, Objectives, and Action Plans

Goal A: Expand and Promote PASCD’s Programs, Services and Products, and Services

Outcome A-1: Strong, sustainable and healthy organization

  • Performance Indicator A-1: A 5%/ yr. increase in membership for the next three (3) years. Note: PASCD’s membership as of June 30, 2010 is the baseline.
  • Performance Indicator A-2: A 10%/ yr. increase in PASCD’s  conference participation for the next three (3) years. Note: The average conference participation for years 2009 and 2010 will be use as the baseline.
  • Performance Indicator A-3: A 3%/ yr. increase in PASCD’s academies held for the next three (3) years. The average number of academies held in 2009 and 2010 will be used as the baseline.

Strategy A-1: Determine current organizational composition to identify gaps in membership and conference participation.

Activities A-1: Complete a self-assessment on how the organization is progressing in its journey towards diversity.

Strategy A-2: Increase methods of promotion of PASCD; and its programs, products and services.

Activities A-2: Events such as regional fairs, membership application/renewal at all sponsored programs, including academies and mapping of locations of academies held/scheduled to determine areas in the state with lower access.                          

Goal B: Grow and Engage PASCD’s Diverse Communities

Outcome B-1: Increased diversity throughout the organization’s  operations and activities.

      • Performance Indicator B-1: Diversity will be defined by Diversity, Equity, and Access committee assigned to complete Goal B.
      • Performance Indicator B-2: The number of presentations by members of diverse group at PASCD conferences and academies will increase 3%/ year for the next three (3) years.
      • Performance Indicator B-3: An increase of special topic/content sessions relevant to diverse groups will increase 3%/year for the next three (3) years.

Note: Baseline year will be 2010-11 for performance indicators 2 & 3

Strategies: The committee assigned to define diversity will present their recommendations to the Board for approval. Specific plans will be designed to complete performance indicators 2 & 3, within the next three (3) years.

Activities: This list is incomplete, but the group must ask themselves the following: What data do we need to start this assignment?

            • What data does PASCD presently have on the composition of the membership regarding diversity?
            • How do we access the data we need?
            • How do we keep the membership informed of our work and the list goes on?

Goal C: Reorganize the Support Structure of PASCD

Outcome C-1: Create a more efficient structure by November, 2013

      • Performance Indicator C-1: All newly approved support positions will be under contract by Highly Qualified individuals by November, 2013

Strategies:  This will be the main topic of PASCD’s retreat held in 2010. Committee assignments will be made at that time to move the process forward.

Activities: Job descriptions will be generated based projected needs of the organization. Office location will be determined. Budgets will be projected for the next three (3) years, Positions will be advertised based on projected needs of the organization.


           Approved by PASCD Board- September 24, 2010


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