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Pennsylvania Association
for Supervision and
Curriculum Development

Pennsylvania Association
for Supervision and
Curriculum Development


  • Inspire educators to lead, learn, and advocate.


  • Pennsylvania ASCD is the comprehensive provider of personalized learning for educators. We create tomorrow's leaders and advocate for the Whole Child.


We Believe:

  • We believe that ALL students are capable of achieving success.
  • We believe in delivering culturally responsive and culturally proficient instruction that includes diverse resources and varied instructional practices to meet the needs of ALL students.
  • We believe in promoting equitable school environments, serving ALL students in a meaningful way, creating a benefit to the surrounding school community.
  • We believe that curriculum, instruction, and assessment must meet the needs of the Whole Child.
  • We believe that shared decisions about student learning and program effectiveness must be based on information from a variety of data sources and diverse assessments.
  • We believe that educators must be empowered contributors and leaders who shape and influence educational practices, policies, and decisions.
  • We believe that curriculum development, supervision, evaluation, teaching, and learning must be dynamic and interdependent.
  • We believe that personalized professional growth is essential to all educators.
  • We believe that educational accomplishments shall be identified, shared, and celebrated.


  1. Improve the structure and function of PASCD committees.
  2. Increase the frequency and quality of communication to both current and potential members.
  3. Design pathways for member engagement and retention.


Advocacy Priorities

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