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3 keys to creating learning cultures that support teacher retention

In a time of high teacher turnover, schools should be less concerned about hiring new teachers and more concerned about retaining teachers on staff, writes Shannon Buerk, founder and CEO of engage2learn. To increase teacher retention, administrators should give teachers autonomy and agency, personalize professional growth opportunities and strategically abandon things that aren't working, Buerk writes. Full Story: District Administration

District Administration 

How to include structure for students' passion projects

Passion-based learning -- which can help motivate students to learn because they choose their own topics -- still requires structure from teachers, according to education innovation specialist and former teacher Andi McNair, who offers a guide using P's: passion, pitch, plan, project, product and presentation. Another approach is offered by former teacher Laura Randazzo, who says teachers can serve as models by doing their own project along with students.

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The "I" and "We" Skills Needed for Collective Student Efficacy

We know good leaders work to develop collective teacher efficacy because it is a powerful way to increase student learning (effect size of 1.27). So, we wondered: what would happen if we applied what we know to developing collective student efficacy? Read the skills, John Hattie, Doug Fisher, Nancy Frey, and Shirley Clarke identifed as "I" and "We" skills that teachers need to develop to make student collaboration powerful and valuable.

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Female representation in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) jobs varies widely. While there’s a higher share of women in science-related health care jobs, women continue to be underrepresented in computer science and engineering jobs. Education Week

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Educator: Shift school culture with restorative justice

Restorative justice strategies can help educators build relationships and better address issues with students, educator Matt Homrich-Knieling writes. Homrich-Knieling offers examples of restorative justice applied at his middle school to quell conflicts among students and between a student and a teacher. Full Story: Edutopia


One step away from crisis

Michele Morgan, NBCT, joined National Board Conversations to talk about the impact of monitoring your crisis cycle. Morgan goes in-depth and breaks down each step of the process to help you better understand where you are in your own personal crisis cycle. Learn more.

National Board of Professional Teaching Standards 

Letting Student Voice Lead the Way

Through a trauma-sensitive, student-empowered approach, researchers and educators in several rural school districts have created space for students to feel heard, appreciated, and valued. Walk through two methods schools have implemented to build meaningful relationships, give students control over their learning, and create a sense of fun and safety in the Summer Online-Only issue of Educational Leadership. Full Story: ASCD Blog

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