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Pennsylvania Association
for Supervision and
Curriculum Development

Pennsylvania Association
for Supervision and
Curriculum Development

Dr. Marc Bertrando is an accomplished educator who has served as the Superintendent of the Garnet Valley School District for over a decade. His extensive journey in education has equipped him with a deep understanding of diverse academic landscapes. 

Before stepping into the position of Superintendent, Dr. Bertrando's professional journey encompassed a rich array of roles. He served as a middle and high school teacher, bringing his expertise to the classroom and making his mark as a dedicated coach and perceptive advisor.

Advancing through the ranks, he displayed exceptional leadership as a high school Assistant Principal and Principal, showcasing his innate talent for elevating educational institutions to a realm of excellence. Notably, his dedication to fostering outstanding learning environments led him to an Assistant Superintendent role before assuming his current position. His distinguished career has spanned three distinct school districts, each hosting student populations ranging from 5,000 to 11,000. This breadth underscores his remarkable adaptability, catering to a spectrum of needs and demographics.

Beyond his administrative roles, Dr. Bertrando contributed to academia by instructing graduate courses in communication, school policy, and the superintendency. Throughout his illustrious career, he has consistently demonstrated a profound commitment to nurturing leadership in others while fostering vibrant and cohesive organizational cultures.

Concurrent Session:

Cultivating Culture Through Opportunities of Innovation (Brave Leader Strand)

Facilitator: Dr. Marc Bertrando

This session is designed for school administrators who are interested in reshaping their school cultures through innovative practices. Participants will be introduced to three strategic approaches: adapting high school schedules based on adolescent sleep study research, developing an in-house online learning program that seamlessly integrates digital and traditional learning, and creating a curriculum writing process that empowers teachers by placing them at the center of the work. Together, these strategies help foster a thriving school culture that embraces innovation and prepares both students and staff for a successful future. 

Dr. Leslee Hutchinson is the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction at Garnet Valley School District, where she leverages her extensive background in educational leadership to enhance teaching and learning experiences. She earned her doctoral degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Pennsylvania and received her Superintendent’s Letter of Eligibility from Edinboro University.

Before her tenure at Garnet Valley, Dr. Hutchinson demonstrated her leadership in various roles, including as Assistant to the Superintendent in Wattsburg Area School District and as a principal and teacher in the City of Erie School District. She also has valuable classroom experience as a teacher in the Rose Tree Media School District.

Dr. Hutchinson specializes in developing and refining curriculum to meet the evolving needs of today's learners. She is deeply committed to supporting teachers and students by strongly advocating professional growth, innovation, and collaborative learning. Under her guidance, Garnet Valley has seen significant advancements in instructional practices and student outcomes.

Dr. Hutchinson’s innovative approach to education is exemplified by her development of the Instructional Impact Team (IIT) at Garnet Valley. This initiative brings educators across the district together to showcase and promote effective teaching strategies. The IIT serves as a platform for teachers to share best practices and celebrate successes, both of which have enhanced the district's overall instructional capacity.

Dr. Kyle Brun is the Curriculum and Instruction Supervisor for math and science at the Garnet Valley School District. With an extensive classroom experience spanning over a decade, including 12 years teaching middle school science, Kyle's career is marked by his roles as a teacher leader, mentor, and professional development trainer. He holds an undergraduate degree from Penn State University and a Master’s in Geoscience from Mississippi State University. Additionally, Kyle recently earned his doctorate degree from West Chester University.

Kyle is renowned for his dynamic approach to education, emphasizing the development of intentionally designed curriculums and resources that support effective teaching and learning. His work is characterized by a dedication to integrating future-ready skills into curriculum frameworks. This commitment ensures that students are prepared for the ever-evolving landscape of education and the dynamic world ahead. 

In his current role, Kyle continues to influence the educational trajectory of students in math and science by creating an environment that values and promotes continuous improvement, innovation, and high educational standards.

Julie Devine serves as the K-12 Supervisor of Digital and Online Learning for the Garnet Valley School District. With over two decades of educational experience in the state, she began her career as an elementary school teacher before advancing to the role of a K-12 Instructional Technology Coach.

Julie leads a team of eight Instructional Design Coaches and is a leader in creating professional learning opportunities focused on instructional design, coaching, and innovative teaching practices.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Eastern University and a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership with Principal Certification from Immaculata University. Julie has also led a cohort through the Innovative Teaching Academy, an online platform that fosters purposeful innovation in education.

A seasoned presenter, Julie has shared her expertise at numerous conferences on various topics, including Makerspaces, project-based learning, design thinking, the creation of learning spaces, and the authentic integration of technology in education. Her commitment to enhancing instructional practices through technology and innovative strategies continues influencing educators nationwide.

Welcome Reception:  Reimagining Learning and Leadership

Facilitators: Garnet Valley School District Leadership Team

This kickoff event promises to be fun, engaging, and refreshingly low-stress. Designed to connect school leaders from across the state, this opening event provides a unique platform to share insights, inspire innovative ideas, and forge new partnerships in a dynamic and supportive environment.

During this hour, participants will engage in thoughtfully curated activities emphasizing creativity and collaborative problem-solving. Expect to take part in lively discussions and group challenges that stimulate the mind and ignite the spirit. This is your chance to explore the potential of educational technology, discuss transformational leadership strategies, and share your passion for education with like-minded colleagues.

Prepare to laugh, learn, and lead as we embark on a journey to redefine the boundaries of education together. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a vibrant community of visionary educators ready to embrace the future of learning and leadership.

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