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Pennsylvania ASCD Professional Development Services

Pennsylvania ASCD offers the following multi-day, full-day and half-day workshops to school districts or organizations. Our workshops are built to be engaging and include audience participation with highly qualified presenters.

If you are interested in a having a Pennsylvania ASCD workshop for your school district or organization or are interested in applying to be one of the Pennsylvania ASCD speakers for our professional development service, please contact Pennsylvania ASCD Executive Director, Dr. Lori Stollar, at

Please click on the links below to learn more about the available workshops in the Professional Development Series:

Leveraging Cultural Differences to Promote Diversity and Equity in the Classroom

Workshop Duration: Half Day, Full Day, Multiple Days

By acknowledging and valuing diverse cultural backgrounds, educators can devise instructional lessons that contextualize critical content and skills within students' everyday lives. Through this process, students learn more about one another in safe, respectful environments that promote pro-social behavior, reduce bullying, spark intrinsic motivation, increase home-school connection, and close opportunity gaps through personalized learning. This session offers strategies school leaders and teachers can transfer immediately into their buildings and classrooms to reach and engage learners of all cultures, ages, and abilities. 

Workshop Topics:

Part 1:

  • Internal and External Identity Development
  • Cultural Proficiency Continuum
  • Social Emotional Learning Components
  • Microaggressions
  • Implicit Bias
  • Culturally Relevant Pedagogy
  • Self-Assessment

Part 2:

  • Race and Ethnicity
  • Socioeconomic Status
  • Facets of Gender
  • Language and Linguistics

Devising and Asking Questions to Spark Curiosity, Critical Thinking, and Collaboration

Workshop Duration: Full Day

The best learning starts with questions, not answers. In this session, educators will evaluate the art of devising and asking effective questions to spark curiosity, critical thinking, and collaboration among students. Join us as we delve into the relationship between effective questioning and best teaching practices, the common pitfalls experienced when posing questions, and successful strategies to boost engagement and deeper learning.

Workshop Topics:

  • Modes of Thinking
  • Teacher Assessment Rubrics
  • Wait and Think Time
  • Participation Rates
  • Developing Cognitively Challenging Questions
  • Overcoming Common Pitfalls 

Reducing Bullying Behavior and Fostering a Pro-Social Educational Environment

Workshop Duration: Half Day, Full Day

Our students require a safe, supportive learning environments in order achieve at their fullest potential. In this session, attendees will participate in experiential activities designed to strengthen student interactions and develop a classroom community. In addition to examining the types of bullying and the roles students take during a bullying incident, participants will learn of classroom strategies that reduce bullying behavior and increase pro-social interaction. All activities, strategies, and lessons are able to be immediately incorporated into the classroom routines and practices.

Workshop Topics:

  • Social Emotional Learning Components
  • Types of Bullying Behaviors,
  • Roles in Bullying Situation
  • Resources for Students and Families
  • Bystander to Upstander Actions

Building Academic Success on Social Emotional Learning

Workshop Duration: Half Day, Full Day, Two Days

This session will help teachers design a climate and culture that develops students of character through the integration of Social Emotional Learning (SEL), sometimes referred to as “soft skills.”  Social Emotional Learning begins with self-awareness and extends to the essential skills of respect for self and others, responsibility for all that we say, think, feel, and do, and the value of building healthy relationships. "Satisfying the social emotional needs of the students does more than prepare them to learn. It actually increases their capacity for learning. Social and emotional learning has been shown to increase mastery of subject material, motivation to learn, commitment to school, and time devoted to school work" (Hawkins et al., 1999; Malecki & Elliot, 2002).

Workshop Topics:

  • Five Components of Social Emotional Learning
  • Power of Emotional Intelligence
  • Meta-Analysis on the Power of Integrating Social Emotional Learning in Academics
  • Lesson and Activity Ideas to Integrate Social Emotional Learning
  • Explicit Teaching on How to Process Activities

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Cultivating a Student Leadership Organization

Workshop Duration: Full Day, Two Days

This session will provide resources and assistance to educators so that they may empower and support students building critical social and emotional skills to become leaders in their educational community. Core areas of focus include: Identity and Developmental Assets, Social Emotional Intelligence, Belonging and Self-esteem, Character and Perception, Healthy Relationship, Communication and Active Listening Skills, Decision-Making Processes, Conflict Resolution and Peer Mediation, and Peer Mentoring.

Workshop Topics:

  • Mission and Vision
  • Social Emotional Learning Components
  • Leadership Styles
  • Topics of Focus and Training for Students
  • Hurdles/Speed bumps/Successes

Curriculum Design and Development

Workshop Duration: Full Day, Two Days

Workshop Topics:

  • Identifying priority and supporting standards
  • Unwrapping standards
  • Devising big ideas and essential questions
  • Creating formative and summative assessments
  • Aligning instructional strategies to meet lesson and units objectives

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