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Our "Lunch and Learn" webinars feature hot topics led by nationally and locally renowned experts. Work through your lunch with Pennsylvania ASCD from noon to 1:00pm to engage with our speakers, and one another, to ask questions and discuss best practices. Once registered,  you will be emailed a simple link to our Zoom webinar tool in order to participate in high-quality professional development. Please find below a list of our upcoming webinars. 

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Spring 2019 Webinar Series: The Future Ready Challenge

Creating Future Ready Schools

February 21, 2019  ::  noon to 1:00pm
Presenter: Tom Murray, author of "Learning Transformed"


When we analyze the US education system and classrooms across our nation, we see dramatic differences and gaps in innovation. Side-by-side images of classrooms from 1919 and one from 2019, yields eerie similarities in many schools today, even with the 100-year difference. What can be done? How can schools and classrooms transform from those from the industrial era where desks are in rows, students are facing forward, and have teachers always front and center to ones that are learner-centered, personalized, and leverage the power of technology?

Districts and schools across the nation are transforming into ones that are Future Ready, revamping such aspects as teacher empowerment, personalized professional learning, innovative learning spaces, community partnerships, digital learning initiatives, among others. This webinar will inspire school leaders and provide free tools and resources from the National  Future Ready Schools Website to empower them to transform their districts, schools, and classrooms into ones that better prepare students for the world they face tomorrow. 

Presenter Bio:

Tom Murray serves as the Director of Innovation for Future Ready Schools, a project of the Alliance for Excellent Education. He has testified before the U.S. Congress, appeared on various television and radio shows such as Real Money (TV) and NPR, and has been featured in such publications as Principal Leadership Magazine, EdTech K-12 Magazine, Tech & Learning Magazine, Edweek, EdSurge, Edutopia, eSchoolNews, among others.

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What is Rigor? And What is it Not?

March 12, 2019  ::  noon to 1:00pm
Presenter:  Dr. Barbara Blackburn, Author of "Rigor and Differentiation in the Classroom"


Are you interested in rigor?  It’s one of the most common concepts in education today.  However, myths about rigor abound. What are some everyday beliefs about rigor that are not true?  At this session, we discuss what rigor is and what it looks like in the classroom. The session will answer the question “What is Rigor, and What is it Not?” and provide examples of rigorous instructional activities.  We will end the session with opportunities for a questions and reflection from attendees.

Presenter Bio:

Barbara Blackburn is a best-selling author of 21 books, including the bestseller Rigor is NOT a Four-Letter Word and the newly released Quick Reference Guide to Instructional Rigor from ASCD.   A Top 30 Global Guru who is internationally recognized expert in the areas of rigor, motivation and leadership, she regularly collaborates with schools and districts for on-site and online professional development.  Barbara can be reached through her website:

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Empowered Leading and Learning - The Courage to Lead

March 26, 2019  ::  noon to 1:00pm
Presenter:  Dr. Patricia Mulroy, Intermediate Unit 8


How does who we are affect how we teach and lead? In his book "The Courage to Teach" Parker Palmer calls us to the reflective process and describes how listening, deeply, for the elements of culture can develop trust in our schools and communities.

In this webinar experience how the mindful practices of Courage to Teach and Leading Together can help you to as you shape the culture and climate for learning using just a few concepts:

    • We Lead Best When We Understand Ourselves
    • Reflective Writing as a Tool of Self Knowledge and the
    • Touchstones and Boundary Markers of Trustworthy Space

Presenter Bio:

Dr. Patricia Mulroy currently serves as a Supervisor for the World of Learning at  Intermediate Unit 08. Pat has served as superintendent, high school principal, teacher and coach in her more than 25 years of experience in public education.  She is a self-acclaimed explorer of the importance of meaningful school experiences, high expectations, and positive relationships with caring adults in schools as critical factors to student success in school toward meaningful completion.

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Advocating for the Whole Child

April 17, 2019  ::  noon to 1:00pm
Presenter:  Krista Leh, Resonance Educational Consulting


In order for our students to achieve at their highest academic levels and be fully prepared for college, career, and citizenship, it is critical that they are placed at the center of education. Through the alignment of educational policy, practice, and programs, we can ensure they are emotionally and physically healthy, motivated, civically-inspired, engaged, and challenged by rigorous academic content. In this workshop, we’ll examine the five tenets of the Whole Child approach which provides educators with tools in the areas of instruction, school climate, leadership, family engagement, professional development capacity to help improve and align educational actions as well as develop shared responsibility across stakeholders. You’ll have an opportunity to evaluate your own educational environment to identify areas of strength, as well as opportunities for growth, in supporting the Whole Child. Join us for a session of deepening our commitment to student-centered educational practices, sharing high-quality resources, and evaluating progress towards the goal of “Every Child, Every Day.”

Presenter Bio:

Krista Leh is also an adjunct professor in a master of education program that focuses on social and emotional learning. In this capacity, she has created and facilitated courses on research design and methods; curriculum design and development; culturally responsive teaching; and closing the achievement gap. Krista Leh, a 2012 ASCD Emerging Leader, began her career nearly 20 years ago as a high school social studies teacher. After 10 years in the classroom, she served 5 years as an instructional technology and curriculum coach assisting 36 data teams in curriculum design and development as well as meaningful integration of technology to support the curriculum.

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Pardon the Innovation: Adult Learning in a Digital Age

May 7, 2019  ::  noon to 1:00pm
Presenter:  Allison Rodman, ASCD author


The learning landscape continues to shift for both students and adults. Learning management systems, digital badging, and micro-credentials have opened the door for an entirely new world of professional learning. Despite this, many districts/schools have been slow to offer these opportunities to teachers because the systems for accountability, implementations, and subsequent growth have not kept pace with the tools themselves. Come explore ways to offer personalized professional learning to your staff through podcasts, Twitter and Voxer chats, digital book clubs, blogs, and more. Collaborate on strategies to meet teacher needs and provide them with voice and choice in their professional learning while still making progress towards district/school goals. Be ready to stretch your thinking about adult learning - what it is and what it has the potential to become.

Presenter Bio:

Allison Rodman focuses on personalizing learning for both teachers and students. This includes the design and facilitation of flexible/blended professional learning models; authentic performance tasks; and rich, targeted feedback. Allison Rodman was an assistant principal and director of professional development at Mariana Bracetti Academy, a K–12 Title I school in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Allison will be featured as the ASCD Member book in the Spring with her new book, “When Teachers Lead Their Own Learning.”

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