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Pre-Conference A: "Empowering Teachers Through Personalized Professional Learning" Presenter: Allison Rodman
Sunday, 1:00pm to 5:00pm  
Pre-Conference Session Description:

In a time when our lives continue to become more personalized - through custom ads, personal shoppers, and movie and book recommendations - our professional learning experiences for educators have not kept pace. In too many districts and schools, teachers continue to participate in one size fits all "sit and get" professional development sessions. Join me as we explore innovative practices in professional learning to design more personalized experiences that empower teachers to taking a standing role in their own growth. Together, we will apply the personalized professional learning model for your district or school. Planning tools, models and collaborative time will be provided to leave you feeling empowered to put your plan into action. 

Participants may earn forty (40) Act 45 hours for attending this session and completing some post-conference work.

Pre-Conference B: "Whole Child Academy"
Presenters: Thom Stecher and Krista Leh
Sunday, 1:00pm to 5:00pm  
Thom Stecher


Krista Leh

Pre-Conference Session Description:

Throughout participation in Pennsylvania ASCD's online Whole Child Academy, learners how to increase academic achievement by addressing the needs of the Whole Child. PASCD believes a comprehensive approach to learning recognizes that in order for students to achieve at their highest academic levels, it is critical that they are emotionally and physically healthy, motivated, civically inspired, engaged, and challenged by rigorous content in order to best prepare them for work and economic self-sufficiency beyond their own borders.

“The demands of the 21st century require an educational approach that focuses on each student’s academic, social, emotional, and physical needs in order to fully prepare them for college, career, and citizenship. A whole child approach to education coordinates policy, process, and practice by addressing students' comprehensive needs through the shared responsibility of students, families, schools, and communities. A whole child approach ensures that each child is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged.” -ASCD, Whole Child

Participants may earn thirty (30) Act 45 hours for attending this session and completing some post-conference work.

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