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Pennsylvania ASCD Election

Pennsylvania ASCD elects a President every two years. The successful candidate makes a four-year commitment to serve as President-Elect for one year starting July 1, 2023, then President for two years, and Past-President for one year. To be eligible, candidates must be a current member of PASCD and have served on its Executive Board. The winner of the election is determined by a majority of votes on the approved ballot.

Each member may vote only once. The election will close on November 20, 2022.

Please find below the two candidates running for President of Pennsylvania ASCD. After reviewing their biographical information, please click here to vote for a candidate. 

Mr. Dennis M. Williams, Jr. Dr. Mary Wolf
Please click here to review Mr. William's resume. Please click here to review Dr. Wolf's resume
Click here to vote for a candidate. Click here to vote for a candidate. 

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