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Pennsylvania ASCD Election

Pennsylvania ASCD elects a President every two years. The successful candidate makes a four-year commitment to serve as President-Elect for one year starting July 1, 2021, then President for two years, and Past-President for one year. To be eligible, candidates must be a current member of PASCD and have served on its Executive Board. The winner of the election is determined by a majority of votes on the approved ballot. Each member may vote only once. The election will close on October 31, 2020.

Please find below the two candidates running for President of Pennsylvania ASCD. After reviewing their biographical information, please click here to vote for a candidate. 

Dr. Bryan O’Black is the Assistant Superintendent of Schools for the Shaler Area School District in Glenshaw, PA. Located north of the city of Pittsburgh, Shaler Area educates over 4,000 students from the communities of Shaler, Etna, Millvale and Reserve. The district employees over 600 staff members to support the district across seven schools.

Dr. O’Black has worked in the field of education for over 14 years. Over the last 12 years, he served as technology director (2009 - 2012), curriculum director (2012-2015) and now as Assistant Superintendent with the Shaler Area School District. Previously, he served as the Director of Technology for the South Fayette Township School District.

During his tenure at the Shaler Area, Dr. O’Black has spearheaded a variety of collaborative efforts such as Project ACE (1:1 iPad initiative), Portrait of a Graduate, Project Engine/Caboose, the districts primary school STEAM program and the curriculum design for Art and Music in conjunction with the Arts Education Collaborative. Additionally, Dr. O’Black has overseen the redevelopment of the district's literacy framework in order to implement a research-based method of teaching reading to our youngest learners. Dr. O’Black actively seeks to establish partnerships and bring valuable resources to the district.

Over the years, Dr. O’Black has been an active member of numerous professional organizations and associations and has presented at a number of national, state and regional conferences. Dr. O’Black is currently an active member of the PA Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (PASCD) , PA Association of School Administrators Legislative Committee (PASA), International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), Tri State Study Council and was named by NSBA as a “20 to Watch” recipient in 2015. In 2019, Dr. O’Black was awarded the University Council on Educational Administration (UCEA) Excellence in Educational Leadership award. Additionally, Dr. O’Black was a 2018-19 fellow for the Pennsylvania Educational Policy Leadership Center (EPLC).

Dr. O’Black remains committed to the mission and vision of the PA Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development (PASCD). During his career he was named to the 2011 ASCD Emerging Leader Class, PASCD Outstanding Young Educator and served as the PASCD Executive Board as the Annual Conference Chair for the 2013 and 2014 conference. Dr. O’Black remains a member of the Conference Committee serving in various roles in the areas of program, technology and keynote speakers.

Dr. O’Black holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Masters in Educational Administration and Doctorate in Education from Duquesne University.

Dr. Pat Mulroy currently serves as a Supervisor for the World of Learning at IU08. She is a curious learner, an explorer, and a creative optimist. She loves the work that is done at the World of Learning Institute at IU08. Providing opportunities for students to learn about other languages and cultures feels like the most important work. Her current role involves supervising the WOL teachers and students which helps to keep her learning - every day, trying to provide the best opportunities for teachers and learners. Dr. Mulroy began her career as a Health and Physical Education teacher, Athletic Trainer, and Basketball Coach in the East Stroudsburg Area School District. She has also served as both an Elementary and High School Principal for the East Stroudsburg Area School District, as Assistant Superintendent and Superintendent for the Bangor Area School District and a Virtual Learning Specialist with Blended Schools

Her passion for helping everyone access learning spaces led to her dissertation, “School-Related Factors and Experiences that Influence High School Graduation Rate,” many years ago. She continues to explore the importance of meaningful school experiences, high expectations, and positive relationships with caring adults in schools as critical factors to student success in school. This calls us to pay attention to equity, diversity and inclusion in all aspects of school and leadership to support achievement. She believes this support and our relationships matter in helping others to learn and lead.

Her passion for building relationships led her to become a Facilitator of Circles of Trust, through the Center for Courage and Renewal. Social-emotional learning for teachers and leaders has never been more important. Her hope is to be able to continue to support educators to teach and lead who they are - to bring their best selves to teaching and learning each day. She has enjoyed providing these opportunities by presenting at conferences and professional learning courses and events both in-person and online.

Her passion for networking and delving into best practices led Dr. Mulroy to become active in PASA Women’s Caucus and Pennsylvania ASCD about 20 years ago and to become an EPLC Fellow in 2009. As a Principal, Assistant Superintendent, and now as a Supervisor, she wants to model the value of continuous learning and growth as an educator. The opportunities and resource sharing through Pennsylvania ASCD are so pivotal in her educational journey. Being part of Pennsylvania ASCD has introduced her to new people, concepts, and styles of leadership - that are so valuable in this ever-changing environment of education. Her roles on the Conference Committee, as a Regional President, and a Committee Chairperson have expanded her opportunities to grow with other outstanding leaders. Dr.Mulroy hopes to be able to continue to share her love of creating great learning opportunities with others as President of Pennsylvania ASCD.

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